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We are Grace Baptist Church – a ministering people of God, reaching beyond our walls to the needs of our local and global community.  We are an intergenerational faith community called and committed to a life of love and servanthood through the experience of celebrative worship, the development of each person’s gifts and the work for peace and justice.

In our diversity we find strength and a way to understand the inclusiveness of God.  We recognize each individual as a child of God.  We welcome and affirm ALL people, who and where you are, to join in our common mission through participation and leadership in this community of faith. ​

719 Club Drive Statesville, NC 28677

We are affiliated with:

Alliance of Baptists 

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America 

Every Person a Minister 

Pastor:  Gary West

Music Director:  LeAnda Barnard

Pianist:  Nichole Tilley

Secretary:  Patti West

 At the church retreat in January, 2015, Gary West announced his pending retirement.  Gary did not give a definite date at that time,

but the church cabinet agreed that it would be beneficial to create a special committee to provide some guidance during this important transition in the life of Grace and Gary.

Cabinet members selected 13 folks to serve on this "transition committee":  Sarah Adams, Kevin Angell, Randy Berryhill, David Bradley, David Comer, Nancy Davis, Doug Hendrix, Steve Kirby, John Koppelmeyer, Katelyn McMillan, Susan Rawls, Bryan Starrette, Lisa Wardo.

The audio of the 2015 Grace Lecture Series speaker,  Dr. Timothy Tyson, is now on the Davis Lecture Series page.