719 Club Drive Statesville, NC 28677

Season of Grace begins on June 4th

This starts our summer schedule which will run through the end of August. Worship only at 10:00am with no Sunday School. Please mark your calendars for our summer worship time.



6pm - Deacon board

7pm - Choir rehearsal


8pm - NA


10am Worship 

 ​Sunday July 16

Christmas in July. Mission Sunday. Communion at the Civic Center at 10:00am

We are affiliated with:

Alliance of Baptists 

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America 

Every Person a Minister 

Pastor:  Steve Shoemaker, Interim

Music Director:  LeAnda Barnard

Pianist:  Nichole Tilley

Secretary:  Lisa Wardo

Sunday Summer Worship Schedule
10am - Worship
No Sunday School

We are Grace Baptist Church – a ministering people of God, reaching beyond our walls to the needs of our local and global community.  We are an intergenerational faith community called and committed to a life of love and servanthood through the experience of celebrative worship, the development of each person’s gifts and the work for peace and justice.

In our diversity we find strength and a way to understand the inclusiveness of God.  We recognize each individual as a child of God.  We welcome and affirm ALL people, who and where you are, to join in our common mission through participation and leadership in this community of faith. ​​​

A Statement by The Congregation of Grace Baptist Church
In Support of Refugees, Immigrants and Muslims in Statesville

In Support of Refugees, Immigrants and Muslims in Statesville

As Baptists we began as a persecuted religious minority. Since then we have fought for the religious liberty for ourselves and for all others.

As Christians we follow Hebrew and Christian Scriptures that command us to care for the stranger, or immigrant.

As followers of Jesus, himself a refugee as a child, we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As citizens of the Unites States we support the Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Therefore we offer our support for refugees, immigrants and Muslims in Statesville. We welcome you and are glad you are part of us.

Mark your calendar’s for the 5th Street 
fundraiser, Christmas in July. It is on July 16th
at the Civic Center. This is a Mission Sunday
for us.  Some of us will be there around 8:15 to
start setting up.  All help is appreciated and
welcomed!  We will have communion at the
Civic Center at 10:00am. 

 ** Also we would like to make a basket like 
we did last year with gift cards.  People were
really excited to see it in with the basket raffle
that we had for Christmas in July.  If you are
interested in donating a gift card ( gas cards,
restaurants, movie theater, etc. ) please let
Lisa or Gay know.**